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New year... new Jeep!

So... we did a thing.

Meet "Baby Gray"!

After DAYS of research and the hunt for the perfect ride, we traded in my little economic SUV for a Jeep! I had NO idea how much it would change my perspective, my attitude, or just simply.... my life.

I have never owned a Jeep. Heck, I've never even been inside of one! But, I've had a life-long lust for the way they appear, and last Saturday, we bit the bullet!

Brandon and I finally test drove Wranglers on Saturday, and instantly, I fell deeply in love!

I had NO idea the community it would bring with other Jeep owners. I had NO idea the desire it brings to add modification, after modification, just to make her even more of our own! I haven't even had the chance to take off the top and feel the rush of the wind in my hair, yet!

She is not just transportation... she is SO much more.

I am undoubtedly going to be a life-long Jeep family member, and I have never been more excited! It's not something I can explain... you just have to experience it on your own.

We cannot wait to take her on our mountain bike and hiking expeditions and see what other adventures she will lead us on!

We cannot wait to add more mods and personalizations on her! If you have suggestions or tips, please share them!

We'll keep you updated on the new modifications we find and the fun ways we can use them!

Have a Jeep-tastic day!!


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